35 Halloween easy craft ideas for kids

It is here again, I can hear those parents screaming, panicking with fear thinking how can I make that Halloween easy crafts for kids.

We have it here all in one place and the best part of this is choosing this page for your Halloween crafts that you can choose from 35 Halloween easy craft ideas for kids. Cool or spooky??

And to make it easy I have chosen these crafts so you can make them at home. Making these crafts cheap, just like recyclable paper plates and tube rolls, which are one the best crafts for the crafty creators’ enjoy making!

35 Halloween craft ideas

Learning at crafting

Every craft children make, learning can be introduced into a learning craft, without a child even knowing that they are even doing it. Children will use hand and eye coordination action, learn colours and be able to count objects that are used in every craft.

We have a great printable for children who are starting school. Alphabet phonics colouring sheets, phonics made easy for children. Also, 485 phonics words to start children learning sentences.

35 Halloween Craft Ideas

35 Halloween easy craft ideas for kids

Bat Crafts

5 cool bat crafts. Thanks to the amazing crafters: ihearty things, kids craft room, one little project and easy peasy and fun.

1. folded paper bat

2. printable hat bat

3. candy holder bat

4. spoon bat

5. silhouette bats

Bat easy craft ideas for kids

Cat Crafts

5 spooky cat crafts. Thanks to the amazing crafters for these easy cat crafts: easy peasy and fun, the joy sharing, i hearts n crafts, and where imagination grows.

1. black cat handprint

2. tube roll cat

3. folk painted cat

4. moving cat

5. paper plate cat

cat easy craft ideas for kids

Spider Crafts

5 spider crafts. Kids will enjoy these tube roll crafts, paper crafts and craft sticks spiders. Made by these great crafters: Red ted art, making of a Mom, my home based line, family fresh meals and the crafty creators.

1. craft stick spider

2. pom spider

3. 3D paper spider

4. sucker spider craft

5. tube roll spider

spider easy craft ideas for kids

Pumpkin Crafts

5 easy pumpkin crafts from these amazing crafters: frugal mom eh, teaching 2 and 3 year olds, the inspiration edit, minne mamma and fun littles.

1. pumpkin apple stamps

2. No mess pumpkin

3. quilled pumpkins

4. picture frame pumpkin

5. fizzy art pumpkins

pumpkin easy craft ideas for kids

Monster Crafts

5 scary monster crafts. Easy crafts for children to make, made from the great crafters: crafts by amanda, stay at home educator, kids craft room, the best ideas for kids and the crafty creators

1. Ghoul family

2. craft stick monsters

3. friendly monster puppets

4. blow painting monsters

5. glow in the dark monster rocks 

monster easy craft ideas for kids

Frankenstein Crafts

5 amazing Frankenstein crafts. Thanks to the great crafters: from abc to acts, todays creative ideas, frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, iheart crafty things and home school preschool.

1. sun catcher

2. craft stick Frankenstein

3. footprint Frankenstein

4. paper bag craft

5. paper plate craft

Frankenstein easy craft ideas for kids

Witch Crafts

5 fantastic witches crafts, easy to make using tube rolls, paper plates and foam cups. Thanks to these amazing crafters: kids craft room, little family fun, iheart arts n crafts, crafty morning and the crafty creators.

1. flying paper cup witch

2. witch hat craft  

3. foam cup witch

4. paper plate witch

5. tube roll witch

witches easy craft ideas for kids

Check these cool Halloween Crafts out!

More easy crafts for kids

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