Welcome to Fun Crafty Ideas

Hello, and thank you for visiting Fun Crafty Ideas. Have you jumped to this page to have a peek about what we are all about? That’s great, we are over the moon that you want to know our ideas on the crafts we want to share with you.

A little more about me and our blog

Hello. I am Rachel Naylor, currently studying engineering and a director for our local club, mother to the two crafty creators who make the craft activities to build our blog. They are 5 and 6 years old girls, who like me, enjoy making fun crafts from the recycle materials that we keep storing up every day.

The crafty creators

Who are the crafty creators, and why did we choose to have Fun Crafty Ideas as our blog name?

We originally had Witches Tell The Story has our blog name, the name witches are my two girls, and the crafts they made told a story. But, just recently (Aug 2019) we changed to Fun Crafty Ideas. Sorry to our followers for the confusion, but we are here now to show you easy crafts, and ready to show more and more crafts each week.

Our old blog name did not reflect on the activities we were trying to show, and decided last minute, before we flew away on a six -week break in Bulgaria to stay with my parents, that we would make this change of blog name, but still keeping the same content.

The crafty creators on holiday, playing and discussing what crafts to make.

Every week we will show you the crafts that the crafty creators have made. We have an easy guide to follow with a step by step photo of the craft we are making.

Our aim for the blog

  • show you how to make easy crafts
  • to try and have a go for yourself
  • give you an idea of the recycled materials that you can use
  • help with school activities

If you want to share your child’s craft on our blog, send us your picture’s with your child’s first name and age.

Easy crafts

Crafty creators crafting on holiday

Even on holiday, the crafty creators got to do some crafting. We found quite a few bits on the beach, but the girls had the idea of stickmen.

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