How to make a butterfly craft- glittery fun craft for kids

butterfly craft

We love these cute crafts for kids, the season when the butterflies start appearing in… craft ideas created by the crafty creators…crafts in the garden. The crafty creators come running into the house with excitement when a butterfly visits the garden. When a butterfly lands on our big plant, we go over to it quietly and watch what it does. The crafty creators love the different coloured butterflies, but no butterfly flies into the garden that is full of glitter.

The butterfly craft can be a great game to play with other crafts that we have made by the crafty creators. Having made the princess castle craft, the bumblebee craft and the treasure chest craft, these easy crafts joined together is a fun activity for play and imagination.

Yep, the crafty creators love glitter, so our craft idea is to show you how to make a butterfly craft using a tube roll with lots of glitters. An easy, slightly messy craft for children!!

We have also made a colourful snake craft using tube rolls, a monster craft stick, fun and easy spider craft, and a monster paper plate. These crafts don’t have glitter involved if you prefer not to get too messy. Check them out, they are a really fun craft to do and really easy for kids.

Learning at crafting

Every craft children make, learning can be introduced into a learning craft, without a child even knowing that they are even doing it.

Children will use hand and eye coordination action, learn colours and be able to count objects that are used in every craft we make.

Learning about butterflies in the garden also meant that the crafty creators had to have their own butterflies. We had the idea of raising a butterfly garden growing kit.

Material supplies needed

How to make a butterfly craft

To start the butterfly craft, children can paint the tube roll. Leave the tube roll to dry out and cut out some wings using the paper plate. Draw around the tube to get a rough size of the wings you need. Glue the wings all over and then you can sprinkle glitter on them. 

Finishing the butterfly craft

Glue or stick on the wiggly eyes. Add two small strips of pipe cleaners to the inside of the tube using sellotape. Glue or use sticky tape to attach the wings to the tube roll.

butterfly craft glittery fun

The crafty creators really love how the butterflies have turned out. The butterfly craft is now a playing game for them, flying them around. Take a photo of your child’s finished butterfly craft, and we will post it on our butterfly post. All we need is your child’s first name and age, and we will let you know when we have it on our blog.

butterfly craft

Alphabet Phonics Colouring Sheets

We have an Alphabet phonics colouring sheet for free. This is for children who are starting school, a great activity for children to learn at home

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