How to make a craft stick monster – easy craft for kids

craft stick monster

A little learning craft, easy crafts for kids. A quick craft stick monster activity showing… easy crafts for kids. Showing you how to make a craft stick monster that is fun and easy to make for children. A craft that is educational for children, counting and adding up all the wiggly eyes used. Wiggly eyes are something that you should make sure you have plenty of. We used plenty of them on the paper plate monster craft, fun and easy craft for kids.

Counting how many craft sticks are used when glued together. Looking out for different shapes used to make the craft stick monster. Children can also learn or recognize the colours that are used for the monster. If children find this fun to do, they will enjoy counting gems, the crafty creators counted gems when they glued them onto the treasure chest.

Making the craft stick monster can also be used in play, games or for storytelling.

If your children love learning. They will enjoy the phonics colouring pages aimed for children to learn before they start school or while they are at school.

Inspired by reading

The crafty creators love reading books, craft stick monsters which were inspired by the book Monsters Love Underpants. (affiliate link) Great book, check it out…

There are prowly monsters howling loudly and drooling monsters from the steamy swamp. There are wild, woolly mountain monsters and spiky, spooky monsters from outer space. And they all have one thing in common – they LOVE underpants!

Material supplies needed

Learning at crafting

Before starting the craft activity. Children can count out the craft sticks (around 8) needed to make the craft stick monster. Count out the wiggly eyes for their scary monster (between 10 and 15 wiggly eyes). How many teeth can children count when glued onto the monster (roughly between 10 and 15 teeth). Check out the tips we have on learning at crafting and see what can be achieved when your children craft from a young age.

Take a peek into what learning at crafting is all about.

We have a great printable for children who are starting school. Alphabet phonics colouring sheets, phonics made easy for children. Also, 485 phonics words to start children learning sentences. Let us get started with the craft stick monster…

How to make a craft stick monster

Glue all the craft sticks together to make your craft stick monster. it can get very sticky and messy with glue and can be quite tricky for children to do on their own.

craft stick monster

The crafty creators loved peeling off glue off their little fingers.

Leave the craft sticks to dry. We waited for our craft stick monster to dry on newspaper which was a bad idea!!! It was fun though after the glued had dried, peeling off newspaper that had dried on the back of the monsters!!

craft stick monsters

Learning shapes

To make the mouth for the craft stick monster. Draw out an oval shape onto black card. When drawn out children can have a go at naming what shape is drawn out. It might be quite tricky for children to cut out the shape, but can also be a good way for children to use scissors.

Cut out around 10 to 15 teeth for the craft stick monster, using a triangular shape. If you don’t have a white card, paint a small part of a cereal box in white paint.

Another shape a child can learn. An adult may have to cut out the small triangles if this is too tricky for smaller children. Glue the triangles around the black oval.

Finishing the craft stick monster

Glue on the wiggly eyes, using alternate sizes.

craft stick monsters

TIP!! You can get sticky back wiggly eyes. I have suggested these on the the supplies list if your child does not like getting sticky with glue.

The crafty creators used PVA glue to stick on the wiggly eyes.

What an enjoyable fun craft. Craft stick monster an easy activity for children to make. A great way to learn colours, count and name shapes. You can make your craft in other colours too. We have also made a craft stick monster using craft sticks in a funky green and blue colour.

craft stick monsters

Craft stick monsters

An easy learning craft activity for children to enjoy. We would love for you to make a lovely comment on the craft stick monster craft that the crafty creators have made. Share your finished pictures to us by sending us an email with your child’s first name only and age. We will show off your lovely pictures on our website!

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