485 Phonics Words – Phonics made easy for children

phonics made easy

Phonics made easy

We have an amazing, whopping 485 phonics words – Phonics made easy for children.

Phonics words can be made into short sentences because reading phonics is made to be easy for children

So children as young as 3 years of age, reading phonics can be made easy for them.

And a massive help for them while they are at home learning.

These phonics words have helped the crafty creators and have had a huge impact on their learning when reading books from school and at home.

Starting children as young as 3 years of age.

Helping prepare children to start learning words, easier for them to put the words into sentences.


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485 Phonic Words

Phonics made easy

If you feel this is a bit too advanced for your child, let them read the alphabet phonics, as their colour in each letter. A really fun and easy way to get your child learning from a young age.

Remembering at doing crafts with your children engages them into talking and learning at the crafts that they make. Take a look at the monster craft, for instance, this has crazy amounts of learning. I won’t go into too much detail, go and check it out for yourself.

phonics made easy

Get your copy now!

At a discount rate, usually costing £9.99 NOW ONLY £3.99, you will get a digital copy of 22 sheets (485 words)

The digital copy can be downloaded and printed onto coloured paper (your choice).

Printed sheets can be laminated and cut out ready for your children to learn.

Information on what to print is printed inside the ebook.

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