How to make a spider tube roll craft

spider craft

Spider Craft

Today’s craft is to show you how to make a spider tube roll kids crafts. Easy crafts for kids to make for Halloween. Spider craft is a great way for decoration for a party, make a few more spiders and you could scare your friends when they come to the door. Tube rolls are a quick turnaround easy crafts for kids, and fun to use to make crafty things.

The crafty creators have made quite a few crafts using tube rolls. They loved making butterflies which consisted tons of glitter or kids can make a castle craft, make this a pirate castle or a princess castle, crafts for boys or girls.

spider craft

Learning at crafting

Every craft a child makes, ie. spider craft, learning can be introduced into a learning craft, without a child even knowing that they are even doing it. Children will use hand and eye coordination action, learn colours and be able to count objects that are used in every craft.

A fantastic printable for children who are starting school. Alphabet phonics colouring sheets, phonics made easy for children. Also, 485 phonics words to start children learning sentences.

Learning at crafting was what the crafty creators achieved, counting wiggly eyes and glueing them onto a monster craft. Phonics made easy an alphabet phonics colouring sheets are ideal for children who are just starting school

Material supplies needed

How to make a spider craft

Start by cutting your tube roll into 3 pieces. If your child is learning to count, make the crafting fun by asking them how many pieces you cut out of the tube roll.

Paint all the tube rolls, including the inside bits too. A bit fiddly and kids will get quite messy with paint.

Next, two of the tube rolls can be cut open. Cut them into strips for the spiders’ legs. You will need around eight legs.

Finishing your spider craft

Give your spider a few wiggly eyes to make it look spooky. Wiggly eyes are the crafty creators’ favourite craft supply. Glue on four legs at each side.

spider craft

Your spider craft

Ok, crafty children, send a picture of your finished spider craft with your first name and age, we will for sure share them on our website because it is fun to share what crafts your children have done.

spider craft

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