Paper plate monster craft – easy quick craft for kids

paper plate monster
paper plate craft

Paper plate monster kids crafts – Fun Crafty Ideas. Paper plates are cheap to buy and are a quick turnaround easy crafts for kids, fun to use for making crafty things.

monster craft

The crafty creators have made a paper plate monster kids craft, not being a cute craft for kids, more of a craft with scary teeth. Also, we have another monster craft where children can glue wooden sticks together, fun and easy craft for kids.

This craft can be made with just one paper plate, turned craft that can be played with. Children will have lots of fun making a monster craft, to use how they want to play, a great learning craft for children to make too.

Learning at crafting

Every craft children make, learning can be introduced into a learning craft, without a child even knowing that they are even doing it. Children will use hand and eye coordination action, learn colours and be able to count objects that are used in every craft.

Check out this great printable for children who are starting school. Alphabet phonics colouring sheets, phonics made easy for children. Also, 485 phonics words to start children learning sentences.


The crafty creators love reading books, paper plate monster kids craft was inspired by reading There’s a Monster in Your Book. (affiliate link)

“A monster has invaded the pages of this original and super-fun bedtime picture book! Children need to read aloud and follow the interactive instructions to help free the pesky monster by tilting, spinning and shaking their book. After all that fun, there is a calming wind-down end- perfect to send your own little monster off to sleep.”

Material supplies needed

paper plate monster

How to make a paper plate monster

Start by painting your paper plate monster. Make your monster a fun colour, what colour will you choose?  any colour monster will make it look funny or scary.  

paper plate monster
paper plate monster

The paper plates need to dry out, cut some small triangles for the teeth.

Finishing the paper plate monster kids craft

Draw a black mouth using a black felt tip or marker pen.

Teeth need to be glued around the black mouth. Easy craft task for your paper plate monster kids to do.

paper plate monster

Eyes glued or stuck on at the end of the craft. The crafty creators use wiggly eyes on every craft we make, they are fun to carry when your out and about, just in case you find a stick and want to make the craft realistic. If you use different sizes of eyes, it will make your paper plate monster super scary and, you can scare your family member too.

Your paper plate monster

If you send us a picture of your finished paper plate monster with your child’s first name and age, we will share them on our website because it is fun to share what crafts your children have done!

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Alphabet Phonics Colouring sheets

We have an Alphabet phonics colouring sheet for free. This is for children who are starting school, a great activity for children to learn at home.

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