Princess fairy castle craft – fun and easy craft for kids

princess fairy castle craft

A princess fairy castle craft. Tube roll craft ideas that will keep kids entertained for… we have more cute crafts for kids..many hours. You don’t have to make a fairy castle, but just a castle will be cool too. Also, you can save tons of money by not buying, instead the crafty creators have a craft to show you how to make one. How magical!!

How amazing and very magical

This craft will keep kids occupied for many hours, they will have so much fun making it. We will show you a guide for you to follow, but you can for sure change the colour your child desires and the layout too. The crafty creators would like you on board by sending us your castle pictures. If you put your child’s first name and age, we will show your picture on this page!

Learn at crafting

Every craft children make can also be a learning craft without a child even knowing that they are even doing it. Children will use hand and eye coordination action, learn colours and be able to count objects that are used in every craft.

You can use your finished crafts and turn them into play. The fairy castle craft is a great game to play along with the treasure chest craft, to hide the princesses gems, the butterfly craft, so princesses can fly away from the castle, and the bumblebee craft, that lives at the princess castle.

The crafty creators love magical around them and they suggested a fairy castle so fairies have a home, unicorns can fly down to the castle and sleepover. This craft is inspired by the princess and the unicorn book (affiliate link).

Step into an enchanting fairy tale! Join Princess Isabella on a magical adventure in which dreams really do come true. Exciting 3D pages invite you to explore Isabellas world, as she travels from an enchanted palace through starry skies.

Material supplies needed

  • 8 tube rolls
  • egg carton box
  • paint (affiliate link)
  • strong card / doubled up cereal boxes
  • glue (affiliate link)

How to make a princess fairy castle craft

Cut 4 of the tube rolls slightly smaller and keep the other 4 tube rolls the same length.

Paint all the tube rolls in any colour you like. Your castle can be any colour to make it your own. Children could use this craft to make a pirate castle, where they can include a monster stick craft who has a friend also a monster paper plate, who fight a colourful snake at the castle.

Paint or draw on the windows, cut the tops of the tube roll to make it look like a tower block.

Glue the bottom of the tube rolls, sticking them down onto the strong card.

To make the trees, cut the trunk and tree head from the egg carton box. Glue them together and paint them if you like. We left ours!!

princess castle craft

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