How to make a spider craft – easy egg carton kids craft

make a spider craft

The crafty creators have been very busy making a spider egg carton kids craft. Cute easy crafts for kids to make for a fun, Halloween craft, to scare friends or keep the cute little spider as a toy for play.

To make the craft the crafty creators used an egg carton from an egg carton box. Using recyclable materials just like other egg carton crafts is a very cheap way to get your child into crafting. The crafty creators have made a treasure chest and a bumblebee from egg carton boxes. These little crafts keep the crafty creators busy as well as learning at the same time.

Learning at crafting

Every craft children make, learning can be introduced into a learning craft, without a child even knowing that they are even doing it. Children will use hand and eye coordination action, learn colours and be able to count objects that are used in every craft.

We have a great printable for children who are starting school. Alphabet phonics colouring sheets, phonics made easy for children. Also, 485 phonics words to start children learning sentences.

Together we read along with the Incy Wincy spider book which inspired the crafty creators. Also had the idea of making a cute spider craft

This is a read-along edition with original music and audio synced to the text.Toddlers learning their first colours will enjoy this funny rhyming story by the creator of BOB THE BUILDER and the illustrator of THE CRUNCHING MUNCHING CATERPILLAR. Little fingers will love to trace the trail of Incy Wincy Spider as he is blown from animal to animal in an exciting adventure. Preschoolers will be delighted by the bright, colourful pictures and the simple story that introduces farm animals and colours. The fun rhyming words are perfect for a parent to read aloud to their child.

Material supplies needed

How to make a spider craft

To make a spider craft, start by cutting out an egg slot from the egg carton box. A bit tricky for little fingers to cut out, so an adult may have to do this!

The fun bit next for kids and yes this is fun for the crafty creators, painting the egg carton and, also we made quite a few seen as they thought this craft was such fun.

Stick on the eyes or glue them on. The crafty creators prefer the sticky back ones!!

Using a sharp object to pierce six holes in the spider’s body so it is enough for the pipe cleaner to fit through.

Finishing making a spider craft

Cut with scissors 6 strands of the pipe cleaners as these are for the spider legs. If you cut the legs shorter, then the spider will stand up much better.

Pierce the pipe cleaner legs through the holes, then stick them down with tape.

make a spider craft

Making a spider craft

If you send us a picture of your making a spider craft with your child’s first name and age, we will share them on our website because it is fun to share what crafts your children have done!

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