Treasure chest – fun easy egg carton craft for kids

treasure chest
egg carton craft

The little crafty creators love storing little treasures in tiny…a treasure chest, cute crafts for kids. We have more craft ideas to see… I have counted a dozen of these little treasure boxes scattered around the house, each containing just one ring. I said to the crafty creators “why not make a chest for all those rings, it is getting quite busy with all these little boxes around the house”. So, today’s craft is a treasure chest, fun easy egg carton craft for kids.

Keep storing those egg carton boxes, big or small, they come in handy for when you’re making a craft at home or for a school project. Just like the bee craft we made, we used one egg carton slot and kept the rest for another craft.

This craft, treasure chest craft can be a great game to play with other crafts that we have made by the crafty creators. Having made the princess castle craftthe bumblebee craft and the butterfly craft, these easy crafts joined together is a fun activity for play and imagination.

Children can design their chest with glittery items like glitter or gems. Choosing a colour to paint their treasure chest is fun. This craft can also be educational for children and maybe want to make the craft stick monsters, where children can count the eyes.

Treasure Chest Kids Craft

Learning at crafting

Every craft a child makes can be a learning craft without a child even knowing that they are even doing it. Children will use hand and eye coordination action, learn colours and be able to count objects that are used in every craft. The treasure hunt book for kids can develop counting and sorting skills as they search for hidden things.

Eager young treasure hunters can develop counting and sorting skills as they search for the hundreds of hidden things in this bright, engaging seek-and-find book. The fun and colorful scenes include beach, jungle, farm, pirates, space, princesses and dinosaurs

Material supplies needed

How to make a treasure chest

To start the craft, paint your egg carton box inside and out. Leave the egg carton box to dry out before decorating the chest.

treasure chest

The crafty creators were eager to decorate the chest, but we had to leave them overnight to dry out properly. We kept busy by playing pop up pirate game (affiliate link), a game where Pirate Pete will pop up on a different sword hole every time, making this family action game unpredictably fun time and time again!

The next day the crafty creators were excited about decorating their own treasure chest.

Finishing the treasure chest

When the paint finally dried out, seemed like ages, to be honest, children can glue on some shiny decorations. 

treasure chest

We love shiny and sparkly gems


Your treasure chest craft

An easy learning craft activity for children to enjoy. We would love for you to make a lovely comment on the crafts that the crafty creators have made. Share your finished pictures to us by sending us an email with your child’s first name only and age. We will show off your lovely pictures on our website!

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